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Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials
  • Tips for Using Shutter Speed Creatively

    Shutter speed is one of those things that is initially a problem to be solved, but once you do that it becomes a tool that allows you to take better and more creative photos. First you should understand how shutter speed works and how to change it. You will need...

  • Weekly Photography Challenge Bird’s Eye View

    Earlier I shared a collection of photos shot from above using a bird’s eye view. In the photography challenge last week you were assigned to photograph from a worm’s eye view or low down. This week you will be looking down, using the bird’s eye view to create your images....

  • 34 Vertigo Inducing Bird’s Eye View Photos

    Last week I rounded up a bunch of worm’s eye view images so this week we’re going the other way and taking the high road with bird’s eye view photos. Angle of view and perspective use is a great way to make more interesting images. As you might suspect bird’s eye...