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Digital Photography Tips and Tutorials
  • Weekly Photography Challenge – Long Exposures

    In this collection of long exposure photographs you can see some great examples of how you can use this technique to produce stunning images. I teach a night photography class and many times I’ve seen a whole new world of exciting things open up for my students when they learn about...

  • 37 Ethereal Almost Supernatural Long Exposure Photographs

    Landscape photographers use a technique involving long exposures to create those milky smooth waterfalls, and misty images of coastlines. But what other ways are long exposures used? Here are a few long exposure photographs that seem almost otherworldly or supernatural in their appearance for you to ponder and enjoy: Smoking...

  • 11 Tips for Creating Stunning Photographs of Cities at Dawn

    We’ve all seen hundreds of gorgeous photos of sunrises over beaches and beautiful landscapes. Of course they have the capacity to wow and inspire, but I would argue that it’s far more interesting to photographs cities at dawn. You have so much more to work with – buildings, graffiti, debris,...